In the Ruined Manor

Of Teleportation and Heart Attacks

A full write-up to follow.

The very stones of wall themselves groaned, split into a jagged mouth and spoke:
“Daloren, Elwinnia, Valeria, Rohan. These are the names of the fallen children of Markelvay. Speak their names in the order that they died and do justice to their memory.”

Depicted on the sarcophagi, all elves:

  • Cloaked female with two scimitars
  • Thin male with a staff
  • Female with long straight hair and a longsword
  • Muscled male with an axe

The elvish inscriptions:
Elwinnia of the fair hair was the first to fall
The first-born was third to perish
Only one died in the order born, not of the axe
Rohan died before the wizard, he was not the second-born
Valeria died before the third-born
She of the blades was second-born


Fairly certain I’ve got it, although others should check me on it. See the file I just added to Dropbox (and ignore the spelling errors on the names and the slight differences in wording, as I wrote this up before checking in here)

In the Ruined Manor

Sorry, forgot to add: Elwinnia, Valeria, Rohan, Daloren

In the Ruined Manor

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