On the Trail

Of Half-Eaten Cows and Missing Children

When the party returned to Winterhaven, the entire town was abuzz with both the news of their success against Ninaran’s treachery in the graveyard, as well as that children have gone missing from some of the outlying farmsteads. Clustered around the main table at Wrafton’s Inn, Lord Padraig’s eyes narrowed when shown the note that was found on Nimozaran’s gnomish abductor. He recognized the draconic characters that translate as “40 Gold a head and no more.” In hushed voices, the group relays to Padraig that they believe this information, the recent attacks and the work of the cultists may all be somehow connected.

Given the urgency of the rumored abductions at the nearby farmsteads, the party sets out once again. As they traveled along the dirt road the group several families headed toward the refuge of the walls of Winterhaven. Some clever detective work around a half-eaten frozen cow and the parents of the missing children, had the group on the trail of the missing children.

The claw tracks of the small humanoids led to the team southeast through the Guardbury downs to the Cloak Wood. As the dappled sunbeams filtered down through the larger conifers, the party discovered the ruins of a keep built into a rocky outcropping.

Descending down the stairs of the entrance, the groups eyes adjusted to the dim greenish glow coming from the entrance room. The party was again attack by goop-slinging kobold grenadiers and spear-wielding skirmishers around the edges of a 10 foot deep pit with a layer of glowing green goop at the bottom.

One of their shifty little reptilian assailants almost escaped through a portcullis; however, some quick moves by Shalimar dragged the would-be alarm-raiser back toward the pit. Meanwhile, Piddles had clanged his enormous sword into the wall above the head of the last combatant in the main room, and then growled in draconic at the petrified kobold half his size “I don’t have to miss”. Just as the team was preparing to set about interrogating their two new captives… a dog-sized spider dropped from the ceiling and attacked.

Will our heroes be able to hold onto their captives and survive this new threat?



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